When a baby is born the first instinct of a mother is to hold the baby in her arms wrapped around as if protecting her baby from the outside world. She holds the baby close to her chest forming a cocoon around the baby. We at cocoon through our products want to help parents provide that protective world around their baby and help parents embrace parenthood by providing the most comforting world for their little one.

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a little story…

It was when my sister delivered a baby did I realise how precarious was the process of comforting a baby. My sister started fretting over every little action of hers that might harm the baby or make her uncomfortable, including choosing apparels. I involved myself in helping her. We wanted to ensure that clothes we choose were made from natural fabric and had no harmful chemicals. As choices were few, we were restricted to cotton fabric based apparels. This is when we realised there was a dearth of alternative natural fabric based apparels. We spent 10 months researching, sampling, testing and developing alternative fabrics as they not only had to match properties of cotton but also supersede it, And our baby cocoon care was born. We poured in all our love in developing apparels to help raise your baby a tad bit easy.


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