A Complete Maternity Bag Checklist for The New Moms-to-be

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How are you feeling with the thought of being a mom soon? Some of you might indeed be very excited while some of you might be nervous with the thought of the same. But let us tell you that the feeling of motherhood is one the best feelings that you will have in this world. Before birth and after birth are two separate phases which equally require patience, love, and care. And we would love to heartily congratulate you as you have come so far, facing all the pregnancy hurdles to seeing your baby for the very first time whom you have protected safely in your bump. So, what if you are being a mommy for the very first time, or you’re in your last trimester, do not give yourself any kind of stress about the future as those are the later pieces of stuff. Currently, what you need to take care of is your labor days as your long, beautiful journey with sweet little pain is about to end in a few weeks or days ahead. 

Yes, the most crucial time is ahead, but do not worry as we are here to help you with some basic packing stuff for you and your little one while being in the hospital.

You might have started to wonder what to have in your maternity bag list and you might have purchased lots of stuff. But, keep in mind that you do not need to overpack the things. After all, too much of something is also not good and you may leave behind the most essential things in this way. Hence, this is where Cocoon Care comes in with its handy maternity hospital bag checklist in the best possible way.

When is the best time to pack the hospital bag?

The timings to consider regarding your pregnancy and expected labor days are quite important as they vary from one lady to another. If you have high pregnancy risk or you might go into labor early or you’re expecting twins, then it's high time you should pack your bags around 35 weeks. Apart from that, 37 to 38 weeks is the perfect time for determining your pregnancy hospital bag checklist as well as organizing your baby's clothes. However, do not wait until 38 weeks because your bag should be ready to go once the baby decides to surprise you all of a sudden.  

A Complete Maternity Hospital Bag Checklist for Moms to be: -

So, our soon-to-be mommies, you need to understand that there are two types of deliveries, one is the normal delivery (the vaginal delivery) and the other is C-section delivery. So, if you are planning for a c-section or whether there are chances for the same, then you must expect the stay for 4 to 5 days in the hospital. Considering the length of stay in the hospital, you must pack your bag accordingly but at the same time, you must ask your hospital about the things they will provide for you and your baby and you can strike off those things from the list.  

However, let’s have a look at your maternity bag list.

1. Medical Documents

Right before the delivery, it is necessary to go through the past medical history to avoid any complications. Hence, all the medical documents along with identification documents as well as the insurance documents should be readily available with you in your bag. 

2. Gowns

Hospitals may provide you with gowns. But, you can carry your own gowns of your desired length and style to comfortably feed your baby in cae hospital doesn’t provide the same. Also, your gowns will be more comfortable to you.

3. Moisturiser

A moisturiser or body oils provide amazing massage which to your body, especially while labour. Well, this is the case with some and if it is with you, then you must keep a bottle of moisturiser or body oil handy in your bag for a relaxing time before giving birth to the baby. 

4. Undergarments

You will be needing a proper set of clean, washed & sanitised pair of undergarments. Always keep extra pairs as your need to wear sanitary pads which might leak. 

5. Sanitary Pads

Post-birth, you might experience blood similar to periods coming out from your vagina. To some, this might happen for some hours, while to some, it might continue for a few days. Thus, good quality sanitary pads along with adult diapers must be another essential in your bag. 

6. Phone charger

How about you being without your phone inside the hospital room just because your phone is dead? Well, we understand the pain, thus, it is important to keep the charger next to you just in case your phone is going to be dead, and you need someone’s presence. 

7. Extra clothes

When you return home, you will need some comfortable clothes. Keep 1-2 pairs of comfortable clothes in your maternity bag in advance to avoid last-moment hassle.

8. Glasses or any other accessories 

If you wear any accessories such as glasses which are a need for you, then definitely keep them, but avoid any accessory which might cause harm to your baby while handling or feeding him. 

9. Slippers

Post-birth, to keep the body in movement, it is very necessary to walk for a few minutes. It also ensures proper passing of the body gas which means that your body is now fit from the inside. So, keep an extra pair of comfortable slippers with you. 

10. Toiletries

All the additional toiletries such as toothbrush, hairbrush, toothpaste, lotion, and other stuff must always be in your bag in case of emergencies just like a travel kit.

11.  Maternity Bras

Keeping around 2 to 3 non-wired maternity bras is a must as it will make feeding easier and comfortable for you. 

List of Items Which Are Required For Baby

Pair of clothes 

Having fresh pairs of clothes for your little bundle of joy is absolutely imperative not just from the standpoint of hygiene but also for that priceless first impression. It is always advised to have 3-4 pairs of clothes for your baby handy in your hospital bag. Always opt for organic baby clothes as these are very soft and do not irritate the baby’s delicate skin. 

Cloth nappies

For new borns, try to avoid hard diapers for a few days as they may cause infections and rash. Thus, try to go for cloth nappies as they are soft on the skin, thin and easy to remove too. 


The muslin swaddle for the baby will protect him from the outer weather conditions which might affect his health and also make handling the baby easier. The swaddle will give a warm feeling to the baby.


The Muslin bonnet cap will protect the baby from early infection which he might catch from the head as other caps are quite harsh on the skin. 

Diaper rash cream

Infant skin is prone to infections and the baby might get diaper  rash because of high sensitivity. So, in case he catches infection, keep a diaper rash cream for the baby in your bag as you can use it as soon as you feel your baby is in need.

Face Towel/Wash Cloth

To sponge the baby's skin gently with water, a washcloth or a soft face towel is a must.


With Cocoon Care, as soon as you have gone through the checklist and packed all the necessary items in your maternity hospital bag, you’re ready to go to the hospital and welcome your baby into this beautiful world.


When should I start packing my hospital bag for birth?

The hospital bag for mums should be handy and ready for taking in the 37th or 38th week of pregnancy. However, don’t leave it for the last day because the baby may surprise you anytime with this entry leaving no time for packing. 

What will I need for my hospital bag for delivery?

We have added a bunch of items above to the checklist. You may go through it and if you wish to add more kinds of stuff, you definitely can. After all, it will go similarly to what our mom-to-be would like to do.

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