Nutrition Tips - Healthy Recipes For Babies In Growing Age

From the child's birth to adolescence, the parents are in constant worry of what to feed their children and what not to as this has a direct impact on the baby’s health and development. Giving a nutrient-rich diet to your baby and toddler not only maintains their weight but also determines their health and development. 

Gone are the days when breast milk was solely considered as important for babies as times have changed now. Along with breast milk, babies also need other ingredients such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals which are found in plenty of fruits and vegetables. 

With plenty of fruits, vegetables, and dairy products available these days, mothers are unable to decide which one might be good for their baby and which not. 

Consequently, here we are sharing some baby nutrition food tips and recipes for healthy food for babies that you can consider for your little munchkin. 

Feeding Tips For Newborns And Infants 


The primary source of nutrition for newborn babies for the first six months of life is of course breast milk. So make sure to feed breastmilk to your baby till 6 months and then shift to other newborn baby food and nutrients. Also, consult your paediatrician regarding which supplement foods you can give to your baby and when. 

Introduce Solids at the Right Time

Once your baby turns 6 months old, you can start including healthy baby food in your newborn baby's diet chart. Start with single-grain, iron-fortified cereal and gradually move on to pureed fruits and vegetables. When introducing healthy food for babies, introduce one new food at a time and wait a few days before adding another until your baby gets used to it. Doing so will help you to identify any potential allergies or sensitivities.

Variety is Key

As your baby grows, try to provide a wide variety of nutritious food for the baby to ensure they receive a broad spectrum of nutrients. Include fruits, vegetables, grains, lean proteins, and dairy products in your infant diet chart. It is because every food has different nutrients, so variety in your baby’s diet is essential. Make an infant diet chart, so you can try new things according to the chart.

Iron-Rich Foods

The next thing to ensure when feeding your baby is to include iron-rich foods in their diet. Including Iron in your baby’s diet is crucial for your baby's cognitive and physical development. This includes foods like fortified cereals, lean meats, poultry, and legumes in their diet. Vitamin C-rich foods, such as citrus fruits, can also work wonders for the overall growth of your baby during the initial years.

Avoid Sugar and Salt

Babies do not need added sugars or salt in their diets. Avoid giving them sugary snacks, sweetened beverages, and processed foods high in salt. These can set the stage for unhealthy eating habits later in life.

Pay Heed to Texture

As your baby becomes more accustomed to solids, gradually transition from purees to mashed and then chopped or finely diced foods. This helps develop their chewing and swallowing skills.

Encourage Self-Feeding

Allowing your baby to self-feed promotes independence and fine motor skills development. Offer finger foods like small pieces of soft fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain toast. Make sure to remain present there to observe your baby and prevent choking.

Mealtime And Healthy Recipe Tips For Toddlers 

When asked the parents about the mealtime and recipes they give to their toddlers, most of the parents reported it to be both fun and challenging at the same time. It is because as the baby grows, their tastes, preferences, and nutrition needs change over time due to, so it is crucial to pay heed to the food for the baby. 

No more wondering what to feed your babies as we have got you covered. Here are some healthy recipes for baby growth food and mealtime tips for protein food for babies. 

Mealtime tips 

  • Establish a Routine: The first thing to do is to create a mealtime routine. Doing so will help you to prevent picky eating behaviours in your baby. 
  • Serve Small Portions: When feeding the toddler, always remember that their appetite is not that much. So, the best way forward would be to feed them in small portions. 
  • Limit Distractions: Also, limit the distractions when feeding your baby such as there should be no TV or toys around. Make sure that your baby enjoys the food. 
  • Make Meals Enjoyable: Create a pleasant mealtime environment. Use colourful plates, play soft music, and engage in positive conversation.

Recipe Ideas For Toddlers 

  • Fruit popsicles- Blend fresh fruit like strawberries, bananas, and yogurt. Pour into popsicle moulds and freeze for a healthy and refreshing treat.
  • Sweet potato- Mash cooked sweet potatoes and black beans together and serve as a taco filling with whole-grain tortillas. 
  • Greek yogurt- Layer Greek yogurt with fresh berries and a drizzle of honey. You can also add a few crushed nuts for added texture and flavour.

Options for Healthy Food For Babies 

What to feed your baby is the most difficult question for parents these days. Fortunately, not anymore. Here are some baby nutrition food options to include in the infant diet chart and ensure overall growth. 

  • Lentils 
  • Eggs
  • Berries 
  • Peanuts 
  • Leafy vegetables 
  • Whole Grains 
  • Peaches 
  • Oats 
  • Strawberries 


Remember that toddlers can be picky eaters, and it's normal for them to go through phases where they refuse certain foods. Be patient, offer a variety of healthy options, and continue to encourage them to try new foods. Also, consult with your paediatrician or a registered dietitian for specific dietary guidance based on your child's needs and preferences. 

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What food is good for baby growth?

There are plenty of healthy foods for babies that are regarded as best for the overall growth of your baby such as eggs, cheese, berries, vegetables, peanuts, oats, lentils, and the list goes on. 

How can I increase my baby's weight?

You can make your baby gain weight by including nutritious fats in their diet such as olive oil, nut butter, milk, avocados, and bananas. 

Which fruit is best for baby growth?

When it comes to feeding fruits to your baby, you can give them berries, bananas, strawberries, peaches, and avocados. Seasonal fruit is the best for anyone’s health.

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