Proven Tips to Establish A Strong Bonding with Newborn

A common misconception among parents is that kids learn to communicate as they grow. But it’s far from the truth. Kids need parents’ complete involvement in their initial years. The responsibility to learn how to communicate with babies majorly falls on the parents’ shoulders. Parents' active participation in child bonding activities can be the first step toward your child's understanding of communication. This essential journey begins with the mother. In this blog, let’s unfold the various proven methods to establish a strong bond with your newborn.

Role of Mother-Baby Communication

Babies come into this world with only one attachment - to their mothers. Mothers heavily influence how and when babies start talking. Mothers even need to communicate when babies only grunt and rumble without any concrete words or sentences. 

Mothers must ensure an environment where kids feel safe to develop and grow. Only mothers can assure their babies that they are safe and can express whatever they feel.  

A positive attitude of a mother builds a positive relationship with kids and also ensures a positive environment around them. So the future of bonding with newborns relies on compassionate and thoughtful mothers. 

5 Tips for Baby Bonding with Newborn

Let’s find out effective baby bonding tips for parents and family members:

Active Listening

Nothing makes your baby feel safer than simply listening to them. Acting as if their words hold no meaning, only pushes them away from you. It also hinders their growth and development. Just nod your head while they are talking and encourage them to talk. 

Use Simple Language

Children learn by listening to you. So be careful of what you talk about in front of them. Use appropriate language and simple words when they are within hearing distance. 

Reciprocate Feelings

Parents often tend to devalue kids’ emotions but children develop emotional intelligence at a young age. Be empathetic and keep your judgement away during mother-infant bonding moments. 

Be Specific with Compliments

Parents often end their compliments with a simple ‘Good job’. But elaborating a bit more on what you have liked can make them feel better and grow confidence. Mention exactly which behaviour or action you appreciate.

Show, Not Say

Simply instructing your kids to do something and not following it yourself can confuse them. They might repeat what they deem right instead of what you have asked them to do. So lead by example.  

Some Incredible Ways for Mother Bonding with Newborn

Newborn bonding with the mother is an incredible feeling that no mother can deny. Mother bonding with a newborn is essential for a healthy child development process. Every parent is different as every kid is. So the bonding process also differs for every mother-child pair. 

Here are 3 tips to make the baby bonding process a bit more comfortable for parents:

Baby Massage

Everyone loves a massage. But babies need it more than anyone else to build a strong body and bond. Give your little ones a massage that relaxes them and benefits them.

Don’t Neglect Their Cries

Babies need to feel reassured that you are close to them. Don;t just hope they will stop crying themselves to sleep. Cuddle with your baby to give them a sense of peace and calmness.

Talk To Them

It’s the day of greatest bliss for parents when babies start talking. Communicate with them and cheer them up when they make any new sound or utter a new word. It inspires them to talk more and bond with you.

Fun Activities to Do with Newborns for Both Parents

How to bond with your baby? You can easily make your bonding with a newborn by doing some of these fun-filled  activities at regular intervals:

  • Taking them out
  • Playing soothing music around them
  • Recording your kid's activities
  • Playing with them
  • Bathing them
  • Introducing new items

You don’t need to wonder how to bond with your baby. Simply following these tips can establish a bond with the newborn that will last a lifetime. 

Babies grow in front of your eyes but time slips away so fast that you regret later if you don’t bond when their world revolves around you. Parents are the first interactions in a child’s life. Make some of the fondest memories when they are still young. Make newborns feel comfortable around you. It’s the baby step toward learning how to communicate with babies. Browse through an amazing collection of baby clothes and more on Cocoon Care to help your baby feel safe. Pave the way for a smooth journey to communicate with babies only with Cocoon Care. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Bonding with Newborn

How do you communicate with little children?

Communicating with little children requires an approach that is in no way similar to communication with adults. Parents should use simple language, get on their level, use non-verbal cues, be patient, ask open-ended questions, listen actively, use stories and play to communicate with newborns.

Why is bonding with your child important?

Mother-infant bonding improves a child's emotional development, attachment style, communication and social skills, builds self-esteem, behavioural and cognitive development and reduces stress. 

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