Animals that are an inspiration for Parenting!

Animals that are an inspiration for Parenting!

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Kids don’t come with an instruction manual, whether they be human toddlers or ones born in animal families. But mom is a special world, in the human world or the animal kingdom they somehow figure out how to take care of the little one. Here are some animals that are cute inspirations for parenting. 

  1. Elephants 

Elephants are such muses when it comes to raising their children that human mothers are tempted to adopt their protective and encouraging parenting style known as the Elephant Mom. Elephants are vigilant mothers who stay close to their offspring, when the baby elephant wanders away, mommy elephants put their own life at risk and bring the offspring back to the fold. Not just the mother elephant but other female elephants are also very protective in nature (when the calves are raised commonly it’s called alloparenting), however if the mother elephant passes away before the baby reaches the age two, it’s not likely that the baby will survive. The quality that most human mothers pick from elephants is their caring and affectionate nature. 

  1. Polar Bears

Polar bear mommies have to make a lot of personal sacrifices just to get the little one in this world. They have to gain more than 180 Kgs of weight just so that they don’t reabsorb the fetus. After that she cannot eat for a few months while she goes into hibernation, before giving birth. The journey doesn’t end there. The baby Polar bear is born less than a Kg in weight which makes its survival without the mother’s care just impossible. The Key takeaway from Polar Bear mothers is their personal sacrifices, it takes a lot of heart and courage to endure the journey. 

  1. Orangutans

One of the most intimate relations after that of a human baby and mother is the one one that an Orangutan mother shares with her toddler. It’s the only mammal that carries the Little on around till five years and nurses the baby till eight years. Their bond is so thick that the female offspring keeps visiting the nest even after the mother stops to feed. Young Orangutans walk around holding their mother’s hand. Something to really take away from Orangutans is the value of touch therapy, the more the baby feels the mother the stronger the bond gets. 

  1. Giraffes 

Giraffe mommies have a very strenuous post pregnancy journey, after a 15 months of womb time, when the baby giraffe comes out, it’s already 6 feet tall. However the young one cannot run fast and hence needs a lot of mothers protection. The mother giraffes leave the toddler with other babysitter mothers, called creche. The mother giraffes also don’t get a lot of sleep in the day, the maximum would be thirty minutes or less. One thing to learn from the Mother Giraffe is to start early when it comes to making the kid independent, in fact they are the first to leave the babies and join back work. 

  1. Cheetahs

Cheetah Moms are hardworking and a single mother. One that raises about two to eight cubs at a time. The fear of being a Cheetah cub is real and because the mother needs to protect the babies, she has to travel with the young ones to a new location every few days. Cheetah moms are so motherly that they also have a knack for adopting orphan cubs. What human moms really love about the Cheetah mothers is they do everything on their own capabilities, one thing single mothers have no option but to learn and do. 

Well humans aren’t the only ones who take extraordinary measures to take care of their children, the animal kingdom is filled with such examples. Which animal mother do you most correlate with? 

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