Pregnancy Emotions Expecting women can feel!

Pregnancy Emotions Expecting women can feel!

I’m Pregnant, the day you say this out loud it’s a start of a new and very powerful journey. Life after this is marked with significant changes, which could be emotional or physical in nature. It’s that time in a mothers life where her entire world changes, however knowing what to expect during your pregnancy can help a mother-to-be to cope with so many emotions at every stage. 

  1. The Happiness Quotient might break the scale

Yeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaw I’m Preggers, that double line on the home pregnancy test might make you jump in the air. This is the time when the morning sickness has not kicked in and you are absolutely feeling yourself. You’re already holding the baby in your hands in your head and being that flower decked Mother-To-Be. 

  1. Oh Gawd! Is it really happening

Right after the joy that comes from a positive pregnancy will come that happy realization that is truly happening. No more partying for at least one and a half years, no more adult life for quite some time, the thoughts of burping the baby, getting up at 4 in the morning and well all the baby things might leave your heart pounding a bit. 

  1. Can Morning Sickness Kill? 

From I’m going to eat all healthy and not put on unnecessary weight to can I even keep something inside, your thoughts will quickly run to the fact that morning sickness might actually kill you. Surprise surprise! Ginger and peppermints help, well for another twelve weeks at least. 

  1. Sleeping Beauty

You might not look this, but the tiredness meter is running bonkers. You might want to lie down every three minutes? And what just sleep it off, sometimes while talking to your partner, or simply right in the middle of a meal.

  1. The Floodgates have no lock 

Thank you Hormones you want to sob just be sob left sob alone. The tiredness, fatigue and mood swings make you the most vulnerable person at some point in your pregnancy and all you want to do is grab a tissue box and cry it all out. 

  1. There is a screamer hidden there somewhere

Who said you can’t feel two emotions at once, well in this case it’s being all emotional and venting the rage out all at once. Did your husband breathe loudly? Or was it the neighbor’s cat that mourned in the night? Well the rage can hit you. Pregnancy emojis are beautiful or are they always? 

  1. Did someone just give you a Red Bull?

Well believe it or not but enter the second trimester and the energy levels are back. All you want now is your daily planner and well what’s it that you can eat. Hunger strikes and you’re all peppy and chirpy again. You’ll not hurt anyone as long as you get the food. 

  1. Mirror Mirror on the wall, is it you glowing of them all

It’s true you’re glowing like the snow, and you’re feeling it too. Well this was the moment you were waiting for now wasn’t it. Your nails have never looked better and those lustrous hair are taking your partner’s breath away. Hold on to this feeling, for no one can take it away from you. You deserve it.

  1. Wait, is it getting uncomfortable again?

Yes this can happen in the last month of two of your pregnancy, things can get pretty troublesome. You’ve grown all big and the back pains have started to kick in, thanks to the curve in the spine due to the weight. Can you feel the acidity, well the stomach is all cramped up, maybe walks and exercises will help you? 

  1. You don’t want to Feel

You’re nearly there and all you do is count days, because hello you have given in and surrendered. You don’t want to feel anything. Everything is mixed and you couldn’t care less, but guess what, hold your breath because the next phase is right round the corner now. You can practically see the finish line. 

While you may go through a plethora of emotions throughout your pregnancy, one this is out and outright true, after these nine months of hardwork and penance you’ll get to hold god’s most beautiful miracle and in that moment you’ll say it was worth it. 


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