Balancing Motherhood and Your Career!

Balancing Motherhood and Your Career!

Are you someone who is both a mother and a career woman? If yes, then this is definitely a read for you. 

Firstly relax, you are not alone in this, most working moms go through the turbulent journey of trying to manage it all. The feeling of juggling so many pins and that one second everything might come crashing down is something which is very common and leaves you feeling restless and panicky. Although there is no secret sauce to having a perfect work-life balance, there are surely things you can do to make one day better than the other. 

Bring the Routine back to your Life

Life was easier before a baby because there was a routine in your life, work time, sleep time, eating time, there was even space for #MeTime. Thanks to the baby dearest this feels ages ago, but believe in yourself this can be re-attained. Although the slots for everything might be lesser than earlier, they can exist for sure and can accommodate your baby's needs this time around. 

Where’s your Priority List?

Trying to do everything can end up where nothing is either done properly or hardly done. So have a priority task list ready first thing in the morning where you define what all you need to get done in the day and well that’s your bible. Once the things get done, they also give you a sense of achievement which gives you the prowess to do more. 

Take adequate Breaks

Many women do the mistake of not taking breaks and running through the day like machines. While this might look like you’re getting a lot of work done initially it is soon to burn you out. The human brain needs the occasional breaks, more for those who are constantly working. Get your coffee and Chai breaks right, resting your brain for a bit only gives it the additional fuel it needs. 

Live the moment

No-one in life can be in two places at once, so why even try. Be fully present in the moment when you are at the office just be there fully concentrating on your work and not thinking about whether the partner has fed the child right(Obviously he has- You’ve taught him well). And when you are home playing pee-ka-boo, don’t fret over the report you have to submit, because honestly the baby can sense the distraction and totally get cranky, more so it’s important for your guilt conscious to be fully present with the baby. 

Others Can do it too

Do you think your child will remember who sterilized the bottle for them when the baby was 2 months old? Or do you think they would remember who dettol hand washed the swaddle you wrapped them in on Day 92? Outsource some tasks, specially the ones others can do, no one other than you can feed your baby but they sure can order groceries for the house. Ask for help when required and give up on the less important chores. 

#MeTime = Commute Time

Your office commute time could be as less as 10 minutes, but make the most of it. It’s the only time you’ll be alone without the baby or the work, live it up, make the most use of it. It could simply be just listening to some music or talking to your mom and cribbing about the day ahead, but it’s something that really helps. 

Sleep Baby - Sleep Mother

Don’t underestimate the power of good and sound sleep. Cutting through your sleep and thinking you can get more work done makes you less and less efficient. Instead of getting more work you'll end up killing your productivity and feel tired and exhausted the entire day. 

Add No to your Dictionary 

Saying no to those office parties, or a get together at your sister’s can be really difficult but well it’s important and inevitable, so start saying it. Women are generally conditioned to say yes, well it’s time to unlearn, no is really a word and has all the meaning in the world if it can save a lot of precious time for you. 

Soak in the Snuggles

There could be times when you feel all guilty because you couldn't spend enough time with your toddler, well the simple answer is cuddle with your child whenever you get the time. Those snuggles help release the stress and guilt hormones for sure. 

Explore Work From Home

One good thing that Covid-19 gave mothers is the choice of working in a hybrid model. Well that’s something which is just great. You can explore the option if your work allows it. 

Remember that by doing what working moms do you are not just fulfilling your passion and providing financially for your family but also setting a great example for your children when they grow up and look back. 

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