All that you should know about Sleeping pods and Swaddles

All that you should know about Sleeping pods and Swaddles

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Let your baby sleep, for when they wake up they’ll shake your world. Whether you are preparing your hospital bag or are some weeks into your early parenthood there’s a lot to know about how your child can enjoy some good sleep time. 

Here are some quick Safe sleeping tips for your new-born

  • It’s a good feeling for the baby when they are lying on their backs on a firm and flat surface. This is true even during nap times, for a sound sleep. 
  • The baby should have a designated sleep space, just anywhere should not be a motto. 
  • It’s good to use a swaddle for your baby, however they should be on their back and the swaddle shouldn't be very tight. Also swaddling/using a pod must stop once your toddler starts to roll over. 
  • There should be no clutter around the baby’s sleep space, like toys, clothes, etc. 
  • The baby also must be sleeping at the right temperature, overheat or cold is not right for a sound sleep. 

Why do we need a sleeping Pod or Swaddle?

The baby has been in a very warm environment for nine months inside the womb, with the perfect temperature they can get. Once the baby comes out, maintaining the right temperature for your baby’s uninterrupted sleep is of utmost importance and that’s what a warm cuddle of the swaddle or sleeping pod does and thus they come in very handy. A swaddle replicates the environment from inside the mothers womb and protects the baby against their natural startle reflex. 

How is a sleeping Pod different from a Swaddle?

Firstly one should know that both a sleeping sack/pod and a swaddle are nothing but kinds of blankets that are used to wrap your baby in for a sound and comfortable sleep. 

Swaddles are lightweight blankets crafted from soft materials such as muslin, cotton, or bamboo, designed to snugly envelop your baby. When swaddled, the baby's arms are gently secured in a downward position.

A sleeping pod is a snug wearable blanket specially designed for toddlers. Crafted from stretchy fabric that molds to your baby's shape, it offers a cozy and secure option for keeping your little one warm. The sleeping pod allows your baby to sleep comfortably with their arms in an upward position. These pods are typically constructed from materials like cotton, fleece, or wool, featuring convenient zippers for easy use.


Sleeping Pod’s Cocoon like shape will cover your baby’s entire body, applying a gentle, calming pressure, just like a hug. This will definitely help reduce anxiety for your toddler and get him/her accustomed to a very safe and sound sleep. Sleeping Pods are also breathable and do not trap heat, which makes them a perfect match for your baby’s sleep needs. 

Can we use both the sleeping pod and a swaddle?

The appropriateness of a baby's sleep setup depends on their cues. Nevertheless, starting to use a sleeping pod from day one helps the baby become accustomed to it, potentially making them less inclined to prefer swaddling later on, and vice versa.

How to choose the size of a sleeping pod?

A sleeping pod can usually be selected based on the age. Like 0 months, 0-3 months, 3-6 months. But verifying the same with the weight of the baby or the height can also help you make the right selection.

When to transition from a sleeping pod to a sleeping bag?

Your little one grows up so soon, but the right time to transition from a sleeping pod to a sleeping bag is when your toddler starts to roll. This typically happens around the 6th month. If a baby’s arms are not free while they are rolling it can prove to be a little dangerous. 

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