Best Gift Ideas for New Mommies

Best Gift Ideas for New Mommies

Thinking of getting her a spa coupon, or probably a pair of leather pants thinking she’s bound to party now that she’s been missing the action for more than nine months, well hold that thought. It’s a still way for a new mom, one in her fourth trimester to do the above. Your mind might wonder what one gives a mother, and then the best go to option becomes a baby item. Well think harder while the baby is the mama’s world she has a little aspirations for herself as well. Here are ten gifting items that are bound to bring a smile on the face of a new mother. 

  1. Jewelry thy name is happiness for a women

Gift her a well thought of customized piece of jewelry, diamonds preferably, because they are indeed a women’s best friends. 

  1. The Nipple needs a little Butter

Well her Nipples are bound to get sore, there are going to be cracks and she might crave for some breast pampering, well a nipple butter helps. 

  1. Nurse away in a Satin Shirt Dress

While it’s great that everyone is looking for the softest material of baby clothes, it’s also very important that the mother feels all comfortable, a satin Nursing shirt dress is something that she’ll be quite thankful for. 

  1. Bamboo Swaddles for the Baby

There’s nothing better than a womb-like feeling for the baby that a mother wants. A breathable Bamboo swaddle helps with it, go ahead buy these for her, she’ll appreciate them a lot. 

  1. Fashionista Baby?

Someone needs to take care of the fact that the baby is all dressy and yet comfortable, well you can gift the mother some cool Co-ord sets for the baby. 

  1. Bubble Baths & Bath salts

The mother can really use some bath time, we also call it the #MeTime, the chances that she gets it often are rare but there will be times that she will, and in those moments she’ll be thankful to you, so buy her those fancy bathing salts and bubble bath. 

  1. Furry Slippers 

The furry feel against your feet can really give you the amazing feeling and well a comfortable one as well, those mothers running feet deserve some pampering for sure. 

  1. Subscription to Baby Websites

How do you think a new mother is going to spend her time when she’s not taking care of the toddler? Well she’s going to be shopping for the baby, so gift her subscriptions for her favorite baby websites, she’ll be eternally obliged. 

  1. Alexa Do This? 

Well another amazing gift for a mother can totally be Alexa, because let’s face it she can use all the help in the world, it could be simply just finding out what music soothes her baby and puts them to sleep. 

  1. Hot Water Bottle

Women complain of back aches after delivery, be their maseeha, gift them a heating pad or an old school hot water bottle, because sometimes simplicity is the key. 

Now that you’re done buying amazing gifts for the new mommy, you can totally go ahead and buy some baby gifts.  

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