Guide for a New Dad

Guide for a New Dad

Being a Dad honestly is tougher than being a Mom, because half the time you’ll be totally clueless to what is it that you can do, and what is it that’s expected out of you. It might look like all that the baby wants is The Mom and her Boobs. Most fathers also feel lost because the partner is going through a lot of emotional and physical turmoil and since they aren’t expressing this well, fathers feel an upheaval in their lives as well. 

It’s simply impossible for a new dad to just guess what their partners want, but there still are ways you can support and help your wife in the journey ahead. And once a new mother sees the dad doing things and helping around she’ll be more vocal and respectful. 

How can Dads help the New Mother?

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A new mother is most vulnerable, after a day of nurturing others, it’s only natural that she’ll need someone to take care of her as well. That’s where as a dad you come in, cuddles, words of comfort and some bedtime kind words will make the mother really happy. 

  • Stomach is the way to her Heart

Cooking for the new mother is another good idea, because she is physically exhausted and is craving for some good food, without doing any real effort herself. Make sure of the fact that she’s eating three good meals in the day and having plenty of water and not forgetting any of her medicines or vitamins. 

  • Tell her she’s Amazing 

It’s so important to say what you feel, many a times there are so many appreciative thoughts you get for your partner but you don’t say them. Well change that, tell her how much she means to you, how she’s doing everything possible for the little one and yourself. These words of encouragement are life jackets for her and she’ll instantly get cheerful after hearing them.

  • Sex can wait

Many new mothers are so exhausted by the end of it that they cringe away from the thought of more exercise. But this doesn't mean that they don't crave physical intimacy, a good snuggle is something they can totally die for. As a new dad be patient, and put no pressure for sexual acts. 

  • Let her Floodgates open from time to time

The best way people let loose is when they get a good cry, as a new dad let your women cry from time to time. Just sit beside her and give her the emotional boost she needs in that moment. She’ll feel light after a good cry and that’ll make all the difference. 

  • Pamper your Girl 

Now that the world has all eyes for the baby, it’s totally your responsibility to make your partner feel she’s all pampered and loved. Send her for regular massages, ask her to shop to her heart’s content, insist that she takes showers while you take care of the little one. Draw her a bath, throw in some extra epsom in there, make her feel she’s still your world. 

How Can Dads help with the Baby?

  • Help with Breastfeeding

Although dads cannot breastfeed they can surely make the mothers really comfortable while they are nursing.

  1. Make sure the mother has a feeding pillow
  2. Make sure she's always hydrated
  3. Make sure she’s snacking in between her feeds
  4. You can take over the tasks of baby burping and diaper changes 
  5. Feed the baby with expressed milk or formula (if you are using it)

  • Bathing Time 

Babies can get really fussy while they are being massaged or bathed, this is one exercise that daddy’s can take over, and the mother can be allowed some of her time here. This will also be a good bonding exercise for the child and daddy. 

  • Get up early with the Baby 

Since the mommy is all up late nursing and nurturing the baby, the dad can look after the mother by letting her sleep a little extra in the morning. In the interim the daddy can enjoy a little playtime with the little one. 

  • Sterilizing is key

It’s very important that baby’s bottles, pumps and other functional parts are all sterilized properly, small kids run a very high risk of infections and thus daddys can take up the responsibility of getting everything sterilized and sanitized to the T. 

  • Extra Time with Baby

Sometimes it’s really important for the dad to bond with the baby as well, because thanks to mom's boobs the baby is mostly in her arms. Dads can create a little time with the baby like night time baths, a quick walk in the park, some gurgling fun with the baby, while the mom can totally relax and have some #MeTime to herself.  

How can Dads help at Home?

  • Hire Help

Mothers are usually naive or shy to share the fact that they need help, and totally go into the, “ I can do everything, I am a superwoman” zone. The Fathers need to step in here and hire adequate help for the household chores so that the mother has more time for the baby and herself. 

  • Share the Load

Well dads can do the laundry and utensils, yes in the grandeur scheme of things this might look a really minuscule task but it’s a great help when the mother has two less chores to do during the day. 

  • Be the Bad Cop

Baby birth promises one thing, too many visitors, as a tag team, the dad can be a bad cop and not let family and friends overstay their welcome. It’s a small price to pay in exchange for your baby’s health and comfort. 

  • Be the new Admin

Paying bills, sending thank you notes, managing groceries, while these tasks look small, they could be really time-consuming so get cracking on them and take over for sometime. 

The best advice one could give a new dad is don't be solution focussed, sometimes your partner just wants to talk and crib, give her that opportunity and without you realizing it, the mother will be back to her usual self pretty soon. May you have a great daddy experience. 

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