Tips for handling visitors after birth!

Tips for handling visitors after birth!

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Congratulations! The Godsend is here, the minute the news is broken, family and friends want to rush to you to see the newborn. While this makes you realize how much your little one is loved by the world it can be a really overwhelming experience for both the mother and the child. Everyone has a different tactic to handle the situation however it’s important that for the first time you put the needs of your new family first. 

Set the Right Expectations before the Baby arrives

Your and the soon to come baby’s needs are paramount, so set the right expectations with everyone specially with your birthing partner. If your mother-in-law or other relatives would like to be in the delivery room, but the thought of it freaks you out then be vocal and talk about it. 

It’s okay to tell your relatives and friends beforehand that due to infection chances you’d like to avoid visitors in the baby’s room. 

Be on a Non-Entertainment Policy

The child needs feeding and some visitors just walked in, what will you do? Clearly tell the guests that it’d be great if they could wait. Your partner needs to play bouncer most of the time here. It’s going to be very hectic and difficult if you try to entertain all the guests. In fact limit the meet time to maximum 30-60 Minutes in a day. 

It’s okay to be all Hormonal

You’re a new mother, you’re sleep deprived, you’re tired and you need rest. It’s obvious to go on a Hormone spree, don’t judge yourself and only keep people you can tell off around you. In fact people are good with honesty, tell them you’d like some time alone, that you’d like to rest and be comfortable. 

How Can We Help? They Can

You’d be amazed at the times people will ask you how they can help, rather than them just calling this out, you can hand them proper lists. Things you’d want to get done, like take family pictures, get the house decorated, walk your dog, sanitize baby toys, and more.

Limit Contact with the Baby

Everyone loves to hold the newborn baby, because let's face it how can anyone ignore cuteness, however contact with the baby needs to be limited. Let’s not forget the fact that we are living in a pandemic stricken world. Any precaution today is good precaution. Even if you want to allow people to hold the baby, ask them to sanitize properly before, even if it’s your immediate family. 

Now that everyone will have their eyes and love only for the baby (Yes, they might sometimes make courtesy and ask you how you feel), what you still need to remember is that it’s you who needs to still run the show, so handle visitors carefully because your and baby’s safety need to be paramount.

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