How To Protect Newborns In Their First Winter - Care Tips

How To Protect Newborns In Their First Winter - Care Tips

This season, you need to take extra precautions and protect your baby in the best possible way.

As winter lurks around the corner, new parents are more worried about their newborn than anything else. This season, you need to take extra precautions and protect your baby in the best possible way. The cold can affect them, making them feel chilly and uncomfortable which can lead to a problem with their sleeping schedule and other health-related problems. However, this is also the case for when the weather gets too hot, they get irritated and unsettled.

But focusing on your newborn baby care in winter, we are here to relieve some of your worries by providing you with the best and healthy care tips to keep your baby warm and happy this winter season. Those who are on track with their development can maintain a normal body temperature with ease.

We’ve put together a list of essential tips that will help you to understand how to prepare for cold weather and protect your baby from the winter. Read to find out more about how to keep newborn baby warm this winter.


5 Essential Tips for Newborn Baby Care in Winter

Newborn babies struggle with regulating their body temperature when compared to adults or older kids and adults. Because of this, they have a higher risk of hypothermia, even when they are exposed to the cold for a short time. Here are some essential tips on how to keep baby warm this winter.

  • Baby Massage Oil in Winter:

Cold weather and the lack of humidity can lead to dry, scaly, and itchy skin for everyone but especially for babies. Make a habit of bathing them quickly but effectively in warm water. Moisturizing should become one routine that you should never forgot. To double up on moisture, get a baby massage oil in winter that is safe for them.

  • Clothes to Keep Baby Warm:

Layer up on your baby’s clothing and go for fabrics that are suitable for the winter season. You want something thick to provide warmth without overheating them. This will keep your baby body warm and cosy. Invest in good clothing items and layers like the wide range of safe baby clothing available at Cocoon Care.

  • Check Your Environment:

Ensure that your interior/home is set to a good temperature. Invest in some heater or other safe source of heat for your home and your baby’s room. Also, make sure that there isn’t too much indoor heat which can be a problem.

  • Winter Baby Essentials to Stay Warm:

An extension of the second point; invest in all the essentials that will keep them warm throughout the winter season like swaddles, socks, mittens, beanies, blankets, warm nightsuits, baby blankets, and many more.

  • Watch Out for Signs:

Always be on the lookout for signs. If your baby starts showing signs of benign affected by the cold like shivering, or their face, hands, and feet have turned pale and hard or are cold and red then bring them inside right away. Avoid rubbing these cold areas to warm them up because it could cause more damage. Rather, use warm washcloths to softly and lightly reheat their skin. If it doesn’t improve after a few minutes, then call your doctor.

We hope these tips have made you feel confident enough to brave this winter season with your newborn. See our precautions for baby care in winter below.


7 Precautions to Take Care of Your Baby in Winter

Here are some precautionary tips to take to protect your baby and allow them to sleep soundly in the winter season.

  1. Layer up their clothing with warm but lightweight and breathable clothing items and essentials.
  2. A good massage with some baby oil can help improve blood circulation for your baby and can promote better sleep, strengthen their muscles and bones as well and provide all the necessary moisture and nutrients their skin needs.
  3. Use humidifiers in the room.
  4. Keep your newborn cosy in warm and soft sweaters.
  5. Keep yourself healthy as well because to care for your baby, you first need to be safe and healthy.
  6. Breastfeeding is a source of your baby’s nutrients and is the best thing to prevent your child from any illnesses or infections.
  7. Wearing your baby in a carrier is a good way to provide them with your body heat and keep them warm.

Explore Cocoon Care for the collection of winter clothes and all your winter essentials for your baby from bamboo clothes, sleeping items, feeding items, bathing items, and more. Take good care of your baby in winter with Cocoon Care.


Q. How can I keep my baby warm at night in winter?

A: There are different ways on how to keep baby warm in the winter season. Go with cotton night suits and beddings, have the right fabric of swaddle for winter, and be cautious of your little one’s temperature cues. Also, avoid loose blankets and head warmers while they’re sleeping.

Q. What to do to keep my baby warm in the winter months?

A: Invest in a high-quality swaddle blanket that is safe for your baby and perfect for the winter season. There are other ways on how to keep newborn baby warm like checking the temperature of the room, layering up, putting on some socks for them, etc.

Q. How can I protect my baby from cold air?

A: Since babies tend to lose their body heat from their head and face, it is a good winter season baby care if you get them some hats and beanies as well as clothes to keep them warm clothing without overheating them.

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