Newborn Sleeping Tips for Parents for Baby's Sound Sleep

If your newborn keeps you awake throughout the night and the baby does not have a regular sleeping pattern, then you can bring a few changes to create an environment that lets them sleep better.

Be it adults or kids, everyone needs a good night's sleep. Newborns being the most vulnerable to sleep disturbances, need to be monitored for you to understand newborn sleep patterns. Though this pattern varies from babies to babies, it's common for infants to not sleep through the night until they are at least 3 months of age (1). It can also take a year or more for some babies to have a stable sleeping schedule.

As a new parent, you might be experiencing the dreaded recurrence of your baby's inability to fall asleep. If your newborn keeps you awake throughout the night and the baby does not have a regular sleeping pattern, then you can bring a few changes to create an environment that lets them sleep better.

6 Amazing tips about how to make newborn baby sleep throughout the night


We know you can't wait longer for your newborn to fall asleep. It's also the time when you can relax a bit as well. Moreover, good sleep keeps your baby active and healthy. So here are the newborn sleeping tips that you can try for your baby and find what works best for them.

  1. It's best to not play with your baby a couple of hours before bedtime. When the time to go to bed comes for them, practice talking to them in a low voice to soothe them. 
  2. Studies show that following a sleep routine highly benefits your little one. (2) A consistent bedtime routine signals that it’s time to go to bed. Your routine can start with a fixed feeding time and after that slowly wrap the baby in a sleeping bag
  3. The cosy environment of a baby sleep sack after a full meal helps the baby transition into sleep faster. 
  4. When you notice your baby getting drowsy, gently and softly massage them, or rub between their eyes.
  5. Keep things like a pacifier and swaddles nearby to use them whenever needed. 
  6. Swaying them gently for a longer period can get them sleepy.
  7. Newborn baby sleep is usually light during the first part of the night. So dim the lights while you feed them and help them relax sooner.

As you are now aware of the baby sleep tips, here are a few tips to follow to make the environment around them sleep-friendly.


Creating a Soothing Environment for Newborn Baby Sleep

Here are a few bonus tips on how to make your newborn baby sleep faster and how to make the environment comfortable:

  • A silent, still environment might seem the best for babies to fall asleep but an environment with white noise is also effective in promoting sleep.
  • Play soft music in the background.
  • Limit loud noises while they’re asleep but maintain your normal daily noise.
  • Switch off the harsh lights in their sleeping room. Dim the lighting in the room while you feed them or rock them to sleep.

We hope these tips work and you find a way on how to make your baby sleep better.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Newborn Sleep

Q. How do I get my newborn to sleep through loud noises?

A: It can be a grave struggle to keep your baby asleep amidst the environmental noises. You can try limiting loud noises during newborn sleep time but don't forget to minimise the regular noise level to prevent you from tiptoeing around.

Q. What is the best sound for newborns to sleep?

A: A great newborn sleep advice is to include some white noise in their room. Studies prove the effectiveness of white noise like low-level music or rain sound to promote sleep.

Q. How can I get my newborn to sleep faster?

A: If you are wondering how to get a baby to sleep throughout the night, try using a swaddle to get them comfy and relaxed. You can also massage them, and sway them in soft, gentle motions.

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