P.s. - I love You Mom

P.s. - I love You Mom

Dear Mom, 

Although you cannot understand me just yet because mostly what I do is gurgling, you still do everything and make me the most comfortable baby in the world. Right from when I open my eyes in the morning to when I go to bed you’re always there by my side. No wonder everyone loves you and just can’t get enough of you, I see dad feeling so envious of me because most of your attention is usually for me. But he also understands that you need to do a lot more for me so he cooperates a lot. I am really lucky to have you as parents. 

Initially when you used to bathe me in the morning, I used to get all scared and cranky, I know I gave you a very very hard time but you coaxed me into it mommy. The massages that initially used to feel like trouble have now become my favorite spa times. In fact I look forward to our bath time because you set up everything so nice, the temperature of the water is exactly how I like it and you also play with me. I call it the Baby-Bubble time. My smell is something you just can’t get enough of, I can see your face when you smile after I have worn the fresh clothes, you call me your angel and snuggle me up in your arms. That look is so angelic dear mommy. 

You never get tired of feeding me or changing my dirty smelling diapers. The world gets irritated but your eyes are looking for the upside that there’s no diaper rash for me, that’s how true your love for me is. More than me you like the feeling of keeping me all neat and clean, it’s like I am a part of you still just like the nine months I actually was. Your touch is the only thing that keeps me happy during the day, it feels like the most soothing ointment. I feel under God's highest protection when you cuddle with me and I hear the sweet voice flow from your lips. To match up, you also speak gurgle. I don't know where you learnt it but I just love the sound of it and when I laugh, you sigh the sacred breath of satisfaction. 

I know I can get a little selfish at times, mostly during the night when I wake you up at odd times. But I am greedy for your love and well honestly food, the FOMO kicks in for me and that’s why I have to see you in the night too. But you get up with utmost care and work for me tirelessly, even though you’re sleep deprived and cranky yourself. Dad also wakes up with you most of the time and rocks me to bed, honestly because he cares for you a lot. It’s bonus time for me because I get to be loved by both of you. I heard him whisper to you on the first day that you guys are the luckiest, but truly it’s me mom because I got Super parents. 

Thank you for being my role models and teaching me right from the beginning the value of Love, Care, Sacrifice and more. I can’t wait to grow up and do the little I can for the both of you. A little extra for you for sure. Thank you for everything you do for me and more mumma. 

P.s. I love you my #WowMom

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