Why every mom is a supermom

Why every mom is a supermom

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Indira Nooyi once said,I don't think women can have it all. I just don't think so. We pretend we have it all. We pretend we can have it all.” 

As a woman you can't have it all, you miss out on a number of things sometimes in your professional life other times in your personal life. But you know why every mom is a supermom because she makes her peace with this and thrives harder the next day.

You’re clueless but unlike others you figure it out

Right from the first moment that you set your eyes on your baby, you just know how to do things. Others around can take ages to figure out the right mantra but even when you don’t know how to do things you just do them. 

Courage thy name is Mother 

You’re so scared of going wrong yet you are not scared of doing things for your baby and trying out what’s new out there. 

Once scared of technology, now is teaching it

Whether it be figuring out the different apps for your baby or finding the latest gadgets for your toddler, you’ve learnt it all at the back of your hand mommy, what’s the secret sauce? We hear Love. 

Hunger Management 

Babies are always hungry whether it be three in the morning or twelve in the afternoon, you’re always up for a baby feed. Just a little reminder to eat well, for all those extra hours of breastfeeding. 

The baby has a permanent room in your mind

You never stop thinking about your child, whether they be moments or distress or happiness they always have a place in your thoughts and well beyond if possible. 

Patience is your strong armor

From being the most panicking human being to having patience like a sheep you have come a long way dear mother. 

Erratic Sleep patterns and you are still sane

How do you do it mommy? How can you sleep the bare minimum and be active like a Disnep world ride all the time? Well that supermoms do we guess. 

The never give up attitude 

Pleasing your partner, running errands for the house, taking care of the baby, managing office work, and well looking after the family, doing this and a zillion other things you still don't give up. We salute you supermom. 

You’re a supermom because you don't try to be one, you just keep up with the qualities you possess and that goes a long way in strengthening family bonds. Here’s a shoutout and a heartfelt thank you. Cheers to all the iron ladies of our lives.

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