Shows Moms must watch while Breastfeeding

Shows Moms must watch while Breastfeeding

The fourth Trimester - Yes it’s called that, the time right after your delivery can be really tiring and time consuming. However ironically there’s a lot of time when you’ll find yourself sitting around, breastfeeding and just waiting for the time to pass. Although you’ll want to just look at the baby for the longest time and inhale that fresh and mind-numbing baby scent, you’ll also be looking for some entertainment at this time. 

Well what better time to binge watch content on streaming sites, while you are sitting on that couch. Here are five amazing shows you can watch while you’re at it. 

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  • Are you a fan of looking at a good cast, great screenplay, fun elements, great humor, proper characters and well everything else good you want in a sitcom, well here’s your answer - Watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S

    There’s hardly anything left to say about this amazing show that has not yet been said. Watch it, or just watch it again, it’s worth your time and well the laughs are worth your while. 

  • Modern Family
  • This Mockumentary is not like your regular family drama, this is modern, this is blended and this is smart. With a decade (10 seasons) worth of content it still holds up. It's funny and that’s what makes it unique along with the narrative. 

    The approach is very fresh and the entire testimonial angle catches your eye immediately, it addresses a lot of open issues like Gay Marriages, How to raise your kids, adoption, age gap in marriages and more. A must watch. 

  • Better Things
  • As the name suggests this show is definitely better than many. The show delivers powerful and honest takes on parenthood, aging, love, sexuality and other prowess-filled issues one can face in life. 

    The show has a very authentic feel because of its characterization, Pamela Adlon plays a single mother of three daughters and the story is very real. Also the child performances look very real and genuine. Don’t miss this, once you start watching you’ll be hooked. 

  • Yummy Mummies
  • Who doesn’t like indulging in guilty pleasures, this reality show is all about a group of posh and privileged mommy-to-bes as they go through the various stages of first, their pregnancies followed by the beautiful journey of motherhood. 

    Sometimes stupid is all you need, if you’re into watching craziness like absurdly lavish baby shoes, being clueless about babyproofing and have a knack of laughing at people’s ridiculousness then this reality show is totally for you. 

  • Workin’ Moms
  • As the name suggests this Canadian sitcom is about four women who are returning to work after their Maternity Leave. This series will definitely amp up your mommy experience while you’re still at home. 

    This one is all about Mothers who are trying to have it all, something that’s terrifyingly relatable. It features Breastfeeding, bedtime, childcare, postpartum and anxiety. It’s definitely a series that will keep you hooked to your screen, test it for yourself. 

  • This is us
  • Kevin, Kate and Randall, three siblings, go through unique personal struggles at different intervals of life as they try to find happiness and get over a tragedy in their past. The Pearson family saga is comfort TV at its coziest, full of twists, cheesy lines and fabulous characters. A guilty pleasure to watch while sobbing into the sofa. It is a truly a touching show that underlines the importance of family and friendship, and how families can go through the ups and downs of life and still love.

    Once your baby will start to roll and crawl, gradually start walking, your sitting around time will go for a toss because all you’ll do is run behind your toddler. So make use of this time fully, binge watch shows and movies, look at that instagram reel content you’ve been putting on hold and just sit back to relax, you deserve this. 


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