Being a Mom During COVID

Being a Mom During COVID

From let’s introduce the new born kid to the mother’s first touch, to fearful doctors whisking the newborns away from mothers at hospitals. COVID-19 has really jarred the parenting experience to a large extent. It’s not a shocker that cases of postpartum depression and anxiety have only risen since the pandemic kicked in.


Everyone knows you can’t choose the world you live in but you can definitely choose to elevate your life, and here are seven expert tips for surviving pregnancy and new motherhood during the pandemic


  1. Silence is not the key

Mental health is paramount; you need to be absolutely fine to take care of not just yourself but all around you as well. If you are not at peace, speak to a therapist/psychiatrist. You could even start small by just talking to someone you feel comfortable venting out to. Mothers judge themselves at every step; this needs to stop and be replaced with all the security in the world.


  1. Medicine is not bad

Antidepressants don’t mean you are sick, they just mean you need a little support, if your practitioner suggests taking them, be supportive. Truth-be told it is no different than taking an antibiotic in case of a sour throat. Taking medicines is not a weakness; it’s the resilience you show to re-coop faster.


  1. I’m not okay is also okay

Even superwoman need to cry, rage, lie in bed and have a lot of #MeTime. Sometimes being tough means, saying “No, I am not okay” out loud. More importantly sometimes strength is accepting you are not fine at the moment.


  1. Is Breastfeed a Game Changer?

For the longest time it was said, do what’s best for the baby, however the reality is do what’s best for you and the baby, breastfed or not, nothing is above a mom’s mental and physical health. If breastfeed doesn’t work for you try it another way. Nothing is a game changer except how you feel about things.


  1. Help shall always be given to those who ask for it

Doing everything yourself will burn you out, get creative and ask for help. There’s no shame in admitting that you can’t do it all, no one can, but with the right succor, all can be achieved for sure.


  1. Learn to say NO!

COVID is exhausting and so is telling your family no for little things, but saying it makes life easier. Start practicing self love and abandon the guilt without any reason, guilt you continuously expose yourself to.


  1. It’s time to make some mommy friends

You need someone who says, “I get it. I’ve been there, too. It’s okay to feel this way.” Even in COVID times, we need support via phone calls and Zoom chats. Also, don’t underestimate the power of group text messages.


Pandemic or no pandemic, take the leap of faith, you only get one life, pluck up the courage and the self-confidence to just Live it Up! Figure out what makes you happy and just go for it. In the interim here’s a shout out from the world for being the coolest COVID mom there is. Cheers!

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