Swaddle solutions – 8 ways to (re)use bamboo swaddle blanket

Swaddle solutions – 8 ways to (re)use bamboo swaddle blanket

baby stuff. as much as you like to buy them, gift them and use them there comes a point when you no longer need them anymore. and yet, you are left with piles of it cluttering somewhere in your closets. one such item is – swaddle blankets. it’s undoubtedly one of the first things that touches your baby’s skin, and securely wraps around them like a cocoon. so, when the time comes to give them away you can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia towards it. so, without further ado lets discuss some interesting ways to recycle your swaddle blankets, and get your money’s worth from them. 

  • perfect for baby care.
  1. baby towel – the softest and highest quality blend of bamboo viscose and pure cotton, makes muslin swaddles easily serve the purpose of a towel that can absorb moisture 3-4 times better than other fabrics. 
  2. stroller cover – one of the most difficult things to ensure and regulate outside with your baby is temperature! however organic bamboo fibers provide their natural and unique ability of ‘uv protection’ and ‘moisture management’ making it an ideal 

swaddle-turned-cover sheet for your baby’s stroller. 

  1. changing pad – have you ever had second thoughts about laying your child on that changing table that folds out from the walls of public bathrooms? i mean when was it even last washed? worry not! antibacterial bamboo swaddles ensure that your baby is getting changed on a clean area causing no allergic reactions to their sensitive skin. 
  2. playmat (photo) – serene and soothing swaddle designs make it easy and stylish to snap that perfect picture of your little one and make for an adorable social media post. apart from that, it calls for some fun and cosy playtime with your baby. 
  • versatile pick for mothers.
  1. nursing cover – feather-light muslin blankets are made using soft stretch technology, allowing a discreet nursing session for you and your baby in public – without irritating or suffocating both the mother and baby respectively. 
  2. burp cloth – unlike any other regular fabric, bamboo and cotton blend swaddles are highly-absorbent and sustainable. this property ensures that it doesn’t smear any spit or vomit on your shoulders but rather make you look cute to boot. 
  3. scarf – cute designs and warm colours make swaddle cloths a perfect accessory around your neck or head whilst keeping you cool and/or warm all-day long. 
  4. dry your glassware – one of the most astonishing yet amazing quality of combination muslin swaddle is; the more you wash the softer it gets! so, you can only imagine how soft it will have gotten over the years once your baby is all grown-up. then, use this delicately woven blanket to dry your glassware and sparkle it too.

so be one of those of eco-friendly yet stylish mums and keep a swaddle blanket handy with you for a quick-fix solution to all your fashion and baby woes.

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