Manage your baby schedule

Manage your baby schedule

Are you a new mom too? Have you lost track of time? Don’t you wish there was a way you’d know it was the day or the night without looking at the wall clock? Don’t agonise over it; it happens to most of the new mothers. 

You must have heard elders around you say Scheduling is a modern concept, that in their times the child would settle themselves. Well that’s great, but with the distractions nowadays staying organised and having a schedule that works for your family can be a boon.

  • Sow the Seeds
  • Rhythm and predictability is something that a baby craves for also, the finest example to this is when you put your child on a baby rocker. They just love Cadence and can’t stop smiling. Babies are all gaga for some routine, the trick though is how and when to institute it. The right way could be to start slow, start with just setting a bedtime. Be lenient initially, it’s okay if your baby skips this a couple of times just keep at it. 

  • It’s Sleepy Time
  • The best way to establish this is to behave all different during the day and night. Dance around, be energetic, sing and talk loudly during the day, your baby needs to know that the day is all about the energy. Keep your voices low once you decide the sleep time, the lights must be put out and the energy levels must significantly be decreased. Your baby will start grasping the difference. Choosing a couple of things that you do as a ritual during the night, could be as simple as singing a lullaby to your baby, helps give signals to your baby that it’s now bedtime

  • Bathing is the new Playtime
  • It’s very important that your baby starts to appreciate their bathing time. Do this everyday with them with all the schbang. Massage the baby for a good 30 minutes before bathing so he/she realizes what’s coming post that. Follow the same process everyday of undressing the baby and tub bathing, this will give them a sense of playtime and something they will look forward to during the day. 

  • Naptime Secrets
  • The baby has reached the 3 month mark? Well it;s time to start a nap pattern. Let’s start working on nap corners or areas instead of letting the baby fall asleep anywhere. Take the cues from the baby when you feel that they feel tired and all sleepy and set for a nap start putting them down in the crib. The naptime is nothing but a shorter version of your bedtime ritual.

  • Let’s Fashion Mealtimes
  • This probably is the most difficult bit, because most babies want feeding every two hours, so trying to fix mealtimes for your baby before six months is impossible. However when the baby is ready for baby-food sit them down for meals in a high chair. It’s a very slow and messy affair, something that takes most of your time however one of the most important one. When your baby starts to eat proper food it’s all the more important to set this routine, especially one which has no TV involved. This is where you might want to give in most times for your ease but if done properly this will inculcate not just rhythm but very healthy eating habits for your child.

    There are so many ups and downs in the first year of having a child that many of your routines might last just for a few weeks, sometimes just a couple of hours for that matter. The key is not to freak out and obsess over this. The best routine for your baby are the cues they give you. Babies need calm parenting more than anything in the world and you’re more than equipped to do that.


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