Unique Mom Blogs you must follow!

Unique Mom Blogs you must follow!

Parenting brings in many mixed feelings and sometimes even if you know that many have gone through the same things you might end up feeling very alone. Your immediate family and friends could get very opinionated and judgemental when it comes to how you’re raising your child. But there’s a hack around this, thanks to the internet age you can look at great Mom blogs. These Mommies share their real life experiences, their challenges and their joyous moments that could help feel all sane and connected.  

Everyone has a very different style of raising their child, but these real stories which are truly honest help you find some connection and solace in the otherwise maddening world of parenting.

  1. Blog Name: Scary Mommy 

Instagram Account: @scarymommy 

As a parent you might not just be interested in Mom stories, you’d want a holistic view of parenthood and here’s one blog that gives it. How? Rather than having one single person sharing their experience, this blog has numerous mom bloggers around the world putting their thoughts in. The stories touch upon topics like lifestyle, relationships and more apart from the basic parenting stuff. 

  • Blog Name: Kids Stop Press
  • Instagram Account: @kidsstoppress 

    One of the top blogs in India that talks about simplifying parenting. The best part about this blog is that it can be followed at any stage of parenting, whether you are a mother to a toddler or looking for advice on how to handle tweens, this blog is for you. Founded by Mansi Zaveri, the blog recognises fellow bloggers in their annual awards. Not just tips on parenting but Kids Stop Press is up-to-date with what are the best learning apps for children, the right meal plans and more. 

  • Blog Name: Your Modern Family
  • Instagram Account: @yourmodernfamily

    The thing that captures most of one’s attention on this blog is the money-saving tips that you can find here. Alongside this Becky who is a mom to four kids talks about home organization ideas, recipes, motherhood and so much more. The writing style is very quirky and it really helps you get hooked to their site. 

  • Blog Name: MomJunction
  • Instagram Account: @mom_junction

    Sometimes it’s easier to connect in your known language, The MomJunction have made their website available in Hindi also. The largest community of moms worldwide focuses on creating a trustworthy guide every parent can turn to. What’s better than the fact that all medical content that’s put up on the site is validated by the right sources first. 

  • Blog Name: Artsy Crafts Mom
  • Instagram Account: @artsycraftsymom

    Children need to be kept busy and believe it or not but that's the most difficult job of a parent, because a bored child slowly becomes a very non-productive toddler. This blog is a great one to follow in case you are looking to hone the creative juices of your child. Shruti Acharya, showcases a lot of art and craft and fun exercises on the website. This really helps keep your child’s mind engaging and hands busy. What are you waiting for? Art it now!

    There are a lot of things you can learn and understand from the above blogs, but another activity that could be an outcome of reading these blogs is that you start to write one based on your experiences. So get cracking and build your dream blog today. 


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