Why choose Bamboo fabric for your baby?

Why choose Bamboo fabric for your baby?

As a parent we always want to do what’s best for our child. Right from what the toddler eats to what's best for them to wear, we want to get it all right. We might not have the answers for everything but we sure as hell can keep at it. From unique designs to a blend of materials, we want to choose the best clothes and accessories for our children. That’s why many baby clothing brands today have decided to incorporate Bamboo fabric for the great benefits it has both for your baby and the planet. 

  • Soft yet Strong - Just like your baby
  • Bamboo fabric has a very soft and smooth texture (better than silk), something that's perfect for your baby’s delicate and supple skin. It's also three times softer than cotton, making it more durable and one that keeps the shape and color longer. 

  • Did someone say Odor Free?
  • The bamboo plant possesses antibacterial agents which help them grow in the wild without needing any pesticides. (It’s not our favorite Panda’s food without any reason now is it?) The same quality helps kill bacteria, keeping the cloth fresh, hygienic and odor-free. It’s also the best for children who are allergic to natural fibers such as wool. 

  • Hot or Cold - It’s weather friendly!
  • The Bamboo fabric is known to be a thermo-regulating fabric, simply put it keeps the baby cool on a hot day, while noticeably warm on a cold one. It’s simply like magic. 

  • Bye-Bye Humidity
  • The fabric has 40% more moisture absorbing capacity when compared to others. Children who wear the bamboo fabric feel less sticky during humidity and avoid sweats when it’s all hot. 

  • The planet recommends Bamboo Fabric
  • Bamboo is amongst the most eco-friendly materials. With 30% less need for water and it being 100% biodegradable, it absorbs more Carbon Dioxide from the air and provides abundant oxygen when grown. 

  • Cocooncare, which uses Bamboo Fabric gives it another social Mission
  • Once your child outgrows the clothes, you can return them to Cocooncare. We would wash and sanitize them proper and then ship them to kids in dire need of the same. The package can be sent here

    You can get all the Bamboo fabric clothes you need for your toddler at Cocooncare, the best sleep solution for your child and so the parents as well. Stalk up your favorites today.

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