The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist!

The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist!

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Giving birth is not exactly a picnic, but hey it’s an experience for sure,one where you’ll be away from your home for somewhere between two to four days. What’s best is to plan this, let’s call it your first baby staycation all proper. The question that arises first is when should you pack this Hospital bag? Well anytime between your 35th week to 37th week is ideal to do this activity. 

Many people debate the fact that the hospitals now being equipped for everything maternity why is it even important to carry stuff? Wouldn’t the health care center provide everything? Well they might but trust us you’d be more comfortable to carry your own things and be more relaxed in your skin with a hospital bag ready at your beck and call. So let’s get cracking. 

Essentials for your Baby

  • Baby Clothes 
  • This is the most exciting bit, looking at those small little baby jumpsuits, rompers, mittens, socks, and everything else can be a happy trip in itself. You’re parents and probably running high on hormones, so you’re allowed to go a little bonanza while putting this together for your baby. Usually six pairs of clothing are good, however if you need more you can always call for more. Don’t forget to add Swaddles and Baby Pods to this list, your baby will need that warm womb feeling once they come out. 

  • Blankets 
  • The hospital sure can help with this, but the feel of your baby’s own comfortable blanket which you’ve washed and sanitized before has its own charm. 

  • Diapers 
  • Say hello to your new friends for a very long time now, pack some diapers for a starters experience because these are now officially in your life to stay for long. 

  • Bottles
  • Even if you’re planning to completely breastfeed, it’s a good idea to carry bottles to the hospital because the baby might take some time to latch and in the interim you can just pump the milk and feed the baby with a bottle. Also in case the baby is not accepting breastmilk in some cases formula can be easily given. 

  • Car Seat & Baby Carrier
  • This is not something that you will pack in your Hospital bag, however it’s definitely something that should be installed in your car by the time you pack your Hospital bag. 

    Must Haves for Mothers

  • Comfortable Clothes
  • Comfort is paramount, avoid anything that’s too tight or restrictive. Carry clothes that are nursing friendly and don’t forget your nursing bras. Do pack soft and foot friendly slippers along with a relaxing robe. Keeping something to cover your head and a cozy sweater is never a bad idea. 

  • Toiletries 
  • It’ll be very important for you to keep fresh during your labor, keep your toothbrush, toothpaste, face wipes and other things handy for a smooth experience. In case you wear lenses or specs, don’t forget to keep an extra pair or two.

  • Nipple Cream
  • Although all women have different bodies, nipple cream is something that’s mostly helpful for a lot of lactating mothers. Do carry this in case of any soreness or cracks that you might observe.

  • Maternity Pads
  • Although the hospital provides this, it’s a good idea to have this, because well the nine months of period relief will finally end now. 

  • Documents & ID Proofs
  • Make sure that you’ve packed all the essential birthing documents, ID proofs and medical insurance papers to avoid any last minute runs. 

    Good to Pack for Birth Partner

  • Comfortable Clothing and Shoes
  • Your Partner will have to stay the stint with you at the hospital and mostly do all the moving around, carrying the baby, running for the meds and more, comfortable clothing and shoes would be like life jackets. 

  • Phone and Charger
  • That phone will just not stop ringing because family and friends will not want to miss the details, so the birthing partner’s phone and charger must be kept real handy. 

  • Camera
  • Well who would want to miss those “everything first” pictures? What if your phone battery dies and you miss to capture the first time the baby holds the Mother’s finger? Let’s not even imagine these fiascos and just carry a camera instead. 

  • Entertainment and Relaxation
  • Labor can sometimes last two days at a stretch also,make sure you and your partner have the right source of entertainment like a book to read, movies to watch, songs to listen to. Also relaxation tools could be a boon to carry in like a back massager, stress relieving squeeze ball, massage body oil or lotion, etc. 

  • Pillow and Blanket
  • Sleep is very important and there must be no compromise when it comes to that, sheets, pillows and blankets are of extreme importance for a comfortable sleep for your birthing partner and their paramount energy, because believe it you’ll need it. 

    All the great advice kept aside, it finally trickles down to the fact that what do you think is necessary to keep, what are the things you just cannot move without? Pack them and you’re good to go. Also don't sweat it, if you forgot something, send someone later to fetch the stuff, or just order directly to the hospital, we live in the 21st century, there should be some perks we enjoy. 

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