Why should you choose Gender Neutral Clothing for your baby?

Why should you choose Gender Neutral Clothing for your baby?

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When we enter a baby store, we can clearly see a demarcation between the toddler boy section (Shades of blue all moving towards deeper colors) and the baby girl department (Hues of pink moving towards the glittery spectrum of colors). While it makes perfect business sense for the stores, it’s a little thought provoking as a parent - whether you’d want to gender code your baby so soon? 

Today not just as a child but even as an adult we enjoy a lifestyle that embraces self expression, individuality and creativity. A very good start to this would be dressing your kids in gender neutral clothing. Giving them the right mindset for self discovery and authentic living. 

What is Gender Neutral Clothing?

Clothes for all - as simply put that’s what gender neutral clothing means. It’s simply garments that were not made keeping any particular gender in your mind. Some parents worry that gender neutral clothes could be very boring but the opposite is true, they cover the entire spectrum of colors, styles and tones. 

The reason why gender neutral clothing is quite the rage is that parents want to free their children from social expectations based on gender. When kids grow up and look at their gender neutral pictures and wardrobes they experience a sense of unexplainable calm. 

Having a gender neutral wardrobe for your kid is a blessing for the kids, parents, people around and well the planet altogether. 

The No Stereotype policy

When girls are not expected to be just into make-up and boys are not expected to be tougher than the rock, a kid’s true self unfolds.This can really help in proper child development. 

Color marks the Expression

A child gets to express their choice and freedom, based on a simple clothing color selection, something that helps with their personality development. 

Simplicity has Power

Clothes which do not focus on loud colors and patterns let your child tune into what matters the most. 

Money thy new name is savings 

You’d want the best for your baby, and the best comes at a price, however with gender neutral clothing your favorite pieces can be passed down irrespective of the fact that it’s a boy or a girl. 

Promotes Sharing 

Siblings and friends can share their outfits guilt free, with so many interchangeable pieces. It invokes in them a sense of shareability which only adds to their bond. 

Let’s be kind to the Planet

Less clothing dumping means less garbage and less manufacturing thus reducing the carbon footprint.

While gender neutral clothing is great, it shouldn't be restrictive, your child must have the freedom to choose, if they like gender extreme color clothing that should be their expression. As parents we can so much as lay the foundation the actual path needs to be defined by children. 

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