Breastfeeding vs Formula - The Right Way

Breastfeeding vs Formula - The Right Way

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Breastfeeding or Formula Milk, one of the many million decisions that you will need to take as a new mom. Many people can get very uncomfortable while you are breastfeeding while the others can totally judge if you’re formula feeding your kid. 

Welcome to the land of Mom’s guilt. Well whatever you do people will always talk about it, what really matters is what’s the best for you and most importantly your baby. 


According to most health practitioners breastfeeding is the healthiest way for your baby to take its nutrition and for mothers to nurse themselves back to health. Pediatrics recommend that a baby must be breastfed exclusively for the first six months and once other foods are introduced, a healthy mother must be encouraged to continue breastfeeding till a whole year. 

Breastfeeding a Healthy Choice for Babies!

  • Mother’s Breast Milk has good proportions of all nutrients that one’s baby needs
  • It helps reduce infections and illness in infants and is easily digestable for toddlers with lesser complaints of constipation and gassiness 
  • Studies show that it increases your child’s IQ and decreases the risks of being overweight and that of getting leukemia. 
  • And finally it’s always available and free

Breastfeeding a Boon for Mothers!

  • When mothers breastfeed they reduce their risks of Breast Cancer, Diabetes, heart diseases, ovarian cancer and more. 
  • It also helps lose one’s baby weight more easily and makes it less likely for women to suffer from postpartum depression. 
  • Not to undermine the fact that it’s a wonderful bonding experience with your baby. 
  • The pumped breast milk helps with feeding in public,with allowing other family members to participate.

Formula Feeding

Formula feeding is also a great choice for your baby, one that’s a best alternative for breastfeeding. The question now arises why should one opt for formula feeding? 

  • It’s a very convenient and flexible choice, formula can be fed to the baby by anyone and not to forget anywhere.
  • Your partner can help with the feeds and get the opportunity to bond with the baby as well.
  • It takes more time to digest formula and thus a baby will need less number of feeds during the day, especially in the early stages. 
  • Mothers can enjoy the food they like and the cocktails they prefer because then the risk of passing it to the baby is zero.

Supplement Feeding

There are times when the pediatrician can suggest both breastfeeding and baby formula, this could be for multiple reasons like your baby needs extra calories and nutrients, or is not able to latch properly. It could also be because your body is not making enough milk or your doctor predicts low blood sugar for the baby. 

Every way is a perfect way to feed your baby as long as your toddler is well cared for, fed and loved. So just leave the mom guilt land and enjoy the world of your happy baby. 

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