Parenting in 2023

Parenting in 2023

Everyone knows you can’t choose the world you live in but you can definitely choose to elevate your life. Here are five ways you can choose to parent in the year 2022 and embrace modern parenting.

Internet is necessary 

Thank you Covid-19 for getting us into the entire virtual way of life, it has definitely increased our usage of the internet. Whether it be your children taking online classes or meeting their grandparents on video call, much interaction in a child’s day is now confined to the internet. We cannot avoid the internet, but it’s imperative that parents make it a safe place for their kids, keep a tap on things and sometimes intervene at the right times.  

Life is all about Experiences

Everyone remembers the special moments not because of the gifts we get but because of the experience of getting the gift, eating the good food and the decorations we all put together as a family. The rules to life are quite simple: material gifts are as important as we make them; it's the experience that makes the most impact and etches a memory forever. 

Don’t Choose between Pink and Blue

It’s very important these days for your child to be very self-aware and have a good self-esteem. One way of achieving this is Gender- neutral parenting. Early Childhood classifications such as boys going to the office and girls sitting at home to prepare food are all things of the past that can prove detrimental for your toddler. They have to be kept free of these societal biases from the very beginning. 

Two ears and one Mouth

Listening is a very important concept when it comes to parent-children connection. This activity can really help your child to open up and become really good friends with you from the very start. It also aids in an approachable connection with your kid, something that most Indian families struggle with. 

Family Time

It’s very important for your children to stay connected to their roots and family, this helps in overall child development. Being grounded and closer to the family members teach children a lot of things they might not learn at school. The values that families can bring in cannot be taught through books and the internet. Parents need to make conscious efforts to give their children a lot of Family time.

The current generation is in any way faced with unprecedented challenges, it definitely requires special behavior from the parents to keep up with the changing times. 

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