Baby's First day Out!

Baby's First day Out!

What if the baby catches some infection? Are twenty Nappies enough for a four hour errand? What if the toddler keeps crying? Will the weather be a concern? Taking your baby out for the first time can leave moms nervous and ticking, so much that sometimes they can have terrifying nightmares. Don’t worry it’s not as daunting as it might seem, in reality it’s the same as what you would do at home only with a little change in scenery. 

While every mother knows somewhere in heart what she needs to do, here are some tricks of the trade for the courageous new moms out there. 

  • Don’t be a Hare - Tortoise it!
  • It’s important to work at your own pace, there’s no perfect time to take your baby out the first time, so there’s no point rushing this. Also don’t time limit yourself, neither to reach nor to come back. It’s better that you run a small distance, closer to your house. 

  • Don’t Stuff yourself with Stuff!
  • The right phrase would have been to travel light, but hello we are going out with a toddler so we’ll definitely need the essentials. It would be a nice practise to pack two bags for the first time, one that could hold the extras which you keep in the car for emergencies and another for the actual weight carrying. 

  • Three might not be such a crowd!
  • You can opt to take your partner or another mom when you decide to take your child out for the first time. More than actual help, it will be a great support for your morale. You’ll definitely get the confidence of doing this on your own for the next time. 

  • Choose a Baby Friendly Place!
  • You can start with a place which has a very baby friendly atmosphere. A mall could be ideal, one that has lifts, other parents, changing facilities, feeding dens and more. The best part though would be anything you need or you might have forgotten, voila you can buy the same at the mall.

  • Don’t forget yourself and just Breathe
  • In planning ahead for the baby you might forget that there’s a you going out too, keep a change for yourself, some snacks so you don’t get tired and finally every baby in the world cries so leave that little embarrassment at home and just enjoy your Baby’s first outing. 

    Having a change of scene is the best for both you and your special one, so pluck up a little courage and the world is your oyster. You can do this Mommy just like everything else in the world. 

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