Necessary self-care practices for busy moms

Necessary self-care practices for busy moms

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Typically a mom’s day is spent bamboozling with the child, household chores, managing staff at home, scraping through office work and more? With this entire bit going on, self-care practices might feel like another task if you are a busy mom.

 Forget about self-care, moms are usually dismissing their own needs and health because they never have time. This might look important at the moment but one needs to be mindful of all the repercussions this will have on the mother, the family and the things around her.

Rather than having a full-blown burnout it’s time to invest in these five non-time consuming but very necessary self-care practices.

  1. Walk the exercise in your life

It’s impossible to find time to go to the gym or even attend those peaceful Yoga sessions, because hello who has the time? However one can always opt to indulge in outdoor activities with your child – Go swimming, play the old time running games, stroll that pram around, and more. This is the healthiest way of keeping yourself and the child fit and healthy. 

  1. Early to Rise

It’s very important to keep some time aside for yourself in popular words it’s called the #MeTime. A good way to squeeze this time in is to steal it from your early morning hours; how you spend it should be completely your choice. Read a book, have a quick DIY massage, invest in a good self-care app.

  1. Micro time-breaks

Let’s be practical, it’s impossible to get time for those long hours of bubble baths with a cocktail to kick in, but hey who said no to short time outs? Find small time units to write in a journal or listen to calming music. Take five minutes and just breathe.

  1. Your health is paramount

While it may seem that you’re perfectly normal, invest time in regular health check-ups, schedule your dental exams timely and be mindful of your body and the changes. Tip of eternity: Drink Water.

  1. Sleep should be Chief

Something that seems the easiest solution is the most difficult to invest in for moms. Skimping sleep leads to a lot of health conditions and upsets the entire day. When you’re well rested you have all the more energy to do tasks, also go by the popular saying the mother should be sleeping when the child is. You need those zzzzs.

PS: Talk to someone whenever you feel a little overwhelmed because everyone needs to vent out. Start today, because you deserve to be taken care of.

Also here’s a special thanks from the universe out there, Thank you for being a #wowmom.

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