The Secret Sauce to Burp your Baby!

The Secret Sauce to Burp your Baby!

While Instagram makes having a baby look all glamorous and a task filled with fun pictures and cute videos, there are some very drab tasks that parents need to undertake while raising a child. One such chore is Baby Burping. 

Let’s burst a myth first - They say only bottle-fed babies need burping, well that’s not true, all babies including breastfed kiddies need burping. Babies tend to swallow air while feeding and to relieve them of the excess air and give them gastric relief burping is a must.

There is no correct science of burping your baby but these steps can definitely be tried for a happy baby burp ritual. 

Self-Help is the best way

Babies sometimes burp on their own, this is definitely a boon for new moms, and they do not need any special position for this. What you can do is keep a burp cloth, bib, etc. under their chin such that you avoid spoiling your and your baby’s clothing. 

Find the right position

Finding the sweet spot is very crucial when it comes to baby burping. For some babies lying on the parent’s lap works - when the baby is on their belly. For others carrying them over your shoulder suits - when the baby is all upright. The baby sitting straight on your lap with a little back massage also works for many. What’s important is to find the right burp stance. 

Rub Rub Pat Pat

Soothing the baby while burping is also very important so keep that gentle pat or rub going. Also patience is key; sometimes it may take four to five minutes to coax out a burp but that soothing parent touch will do the trick. 

When to stop?

There is no correct time to stop burping, however as the baby grows the digestive system gets stronger and around 4-6 months is when babies usually stop gobbling air along with the feed they take. However parents are the best judges here, if you still feel that the baby is gassy, burp them to ease them. 

Baby Massages help too

If burping doesn't work for your baby, parents can try other positions and tactics for the gas to move. Infant massage helps a lot, pushing the legs back and forth while the baby lies on the back - just like bicycling. Some tummy time can also help. 

Mothers Diet is crucial

If mothers are breastfeeding then something in their diets can be the cause of the excess gas in babies. Everyone is different however the most common culprit for gassiness is dairy. Usually products like Milk, Cheese and Icecream, if avoided, can really help the baby. And if your baby is bottle fed then settling the bottle milk before a feed can be really helpful such that there’s less air inside the bottle. 

Your baby might seem uncomfortable and can spit up after or during feedings but that’s absolutely normal. Burping helps and so do other techniques, you can find success by trying different ways. All the best parents, Happy Burping!

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