Tips for Traveling with your Baby

Tips for Traveling with your Baby

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Planning to take a road trip with your baby? Oh is it your baby’s first flight? Just another baby’s day out? Whatever it is, traveling with your baby could create the release of unwanted stress hormones. Don’t worry all parents go through this at some point or another. Well let’s ease those stress muscles and bring some calm to our minds by following these simple tricks of the trade. 

Test the waters before you dive in

Before planning a long road trip, start by taking a short car ride, it’ll not be worth your while to find out on a road trip, when your baby is all tucked in a car seat that they hate the road. It’ll become a longer road trip than expected. So start small. 

Travel Light

Have you packed the pram, the crib, the bed, the carrier, the high chair, and all the things you can think of? Well please unpack, because ironic as it may sound the little baby doesn't need so much stuff. All they might need are the extra diapers for sure, so make sure you carry a lot of them. Traveling light is the key to keeping you and your baby in the most spirited moods. 

Let the Baby sleep when you’re driving

Cover as much road as you can while your baby is napping, it’s the first critical step towards raising a committed traveler. 

Baby Carriers are boons

You’d hate it if your jeans didn't fit right? Similarly babies hate it when their carriers are uneasy, practice with the one you’ll carry your baby in, it’ll help both your hands and well the baby’s comfort. 

Flight Rituals

Try taking smaller and direct flights and choose the right seat. Board the flight as soon as possible because that will help you give your baby some time to settle in the flight before it takes off.

Pacifiers could be the saviors

While many people judge you for giving your child a pacifier, it can really soothe a baby during journeys, use them whenever necessary, and also keep it cool with all the judgments. 

Take good care of yourself

What you really need to remember is that you are on a vacation and there’s no point if you don't get to enjoy your time. So take good care of yourself, eat proper, sleep proper so that you are all well rested and energized for the baby. 

Don’t underestimate the power of Online Shopping

In case you forget to carry something, well the internet is your oyster, everything is available online, so just relax and get going. 

Happy holidays parents, don't forget to click many pictures and make as many child tantrum boomerangs that you can, after all it’s all about the memories you create.

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